Schedule 2019


9:00 Registration
9:30 Driven by the 9s – I need a highly available Microsoft Data Platform – what features should I use?
Gethyn Ellis, SQL Server Consultant and Trainer

Microsoft’s data platform and SQL Server comes with a plethora of High Availability features. Some of these features can work hand-in glove with each other to allow you to configure your SQL Servers to be both Highly-Available and recoverable in the event of the worst happening.

If you are driven by the ‘9s’, have strict SLAs and up time is key to you and your business, then combining SQL Server’s high availability features is something you should consider.

In this session we will look at how we can combine SQL Server Availability Groups and SQL Server Failover cluster instances to keep our servers both highly available and maintain a secondary disaster recovery.

10:30 How to create Custom Visuals for Power BI
James Dales, Director at Altius

In this session we’ll run through how to build a custom visual for Power BI from scratch. The aim is to provide the knowledge and inspiration for people to start building their own visuals. We’ll cover the tools, programming languages and the process. The majority of the session will be in the format of a live demo building a new custom visual from scratch. No prior knowledge of coding is required as throughout the demo each step will be thoroughly explained.

11.30 Lightning talks from various speakers
12:30 Lunch
13:30 How to screw up your ability to deliver database updates in 16 simple steps
Alex Yates

DevOps has revolutionised our ability to deliver customer value.

Updates aren’t held up in 6-month release cycles. We’ve automated tests and deployments collaboratively so we know updates work. A virtuous cycle of innovation and testing allows us to build better, more reliable products faster and cheaper. However, while that’s great in theory, I’ve seen people screw up spectacularly when applying DevOps to relational databases.

In this cheerful session I’ll review the 16 most popular ways to screw up, resulting in painful, fragile deployments and expensive legacy databases that no-one likes to maintain. A session for developers *and* DBAs.

14:30 Data & AI – What’s Possible?
Andy Readman, Cloud Solution Architect at Wirehive

The fundamentals of Data & AI:

– Why data is so important?

– What does AI really mean to us?

– What is possible right now?

Other topics including ethical considerations, augmenting (not replacing) humans and understanding the value of the opportunity today.

15.30 Continuous Integration With SQL Server Containers and Open Source
Chris Adkin, SQL Server Solutions Architect

In this session you with learn how to build continuous integration pipelines with open source tools, namely Jenkins and Docker, the session will start off with the most basic of pipelines and gradually add more feature such as tSQLt testing, multi branch pipelines and parallelism.

16:30 Finish